Aditya Pratap

Born on 6th October 1989, Mr. Aditya Pratap received his early education from St. Mary’s School, Mumbai. Mr. Aditya Pratap transferred to Gurukul Academy,Lucknow for his Senior secondary Education. He secured AIR 76 in his first attempt in CLAT 2008 and joined NALSAR, Hyderabad to pursue his higher education in Law.

After graduation he returned to Mumbai to pursue his career as a litigating Lawyer and founded Aditya Pratap Law Offices in the year 2013 along with a web portal named LawZilla. In succeeding years he established a successful practice with a broad spectrum client base.

Currently Mr. Aditya Pratap practices all across Mumbai with subject expertise in civil and commercial disputes, finance matters, real estate, and property, criminal litigation, corporate law in addition to family, matrimonial and divorce law.

Mr. Pratap takes after his parents when it comes to the field of social work. In his years working as an advocate he has taken up several pro bono cases and is quick to call out the transgressions subsisting in society.

In less than a decade, Aditya Pratap has managed to make a name for himself. His views on current issues are frequently covered by national media in the form of columns and interviews. With wide media coverage of the cases he argues against, he makes sure that his name is never old news.

Mr. Pratap received an award for Best Legal Advisor at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival held in Mumbai in 2018.

Aditya Pratap is currently expanding his Law firm to outside Mumbai as well.

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Mr. Aditya Pratap’s mother, Ms.Abha Singh is a former civil servant. Ms. Abha Singh started her career as a customs appraiser at the Bombay Customs House in 1991 and later joined the Indian Postal Services in 1995. Working as Director Postal Services in Uttar Pradesh she pioneered the usage of solar panels to power post offices – thereby making advanced postal services accessible to the remotest of villages.

Ms. Abha Singh is currently working as a litigating lawyer in the Bombay High Court and has been an active participant in the accusation of Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s hit and run case as well as the AIB roast case.

A celebrated name in the field of social work, her NGO, Rann Samar, provides free legal assistance to women and slum dwellers who have been unfairly prosecuted by authorities and helps in reinstating their rights.


Aditya Pratap’s father, Mr. Yogesh Pratap Singh is a former IPS officer who left the services to become an activist and a lawyer.

As an IPS officer, Mr. Singh worked in various positions in the district police, the Food and Drugs Administration, the CBI and the reserve police. During his time at the CBI he handled many high-profile cases like the Unit Trust of India US 64 Scam and the Panna-Mukt oil field case in regards to allegations of allotment of contract awards due to nepotism

His first book “Carnage by Angels” was adapted into an internationally acclaimed movie titled “Kya Yahi Sach Hai” and was directed by Mr. Singh himself. The movie exposed the rampant corruption and malpractices operating within the police force.

Mr. Singh has dedicated his life fighting the unfairness in the society at ground level and taken formidable opponents such as corruption head on. With his work in the social field and literature, Mr. Singh continues to inspire everyone to take a stand for what is right.